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Her Voice, Her Pain, Her Healing*


This platform is for women to openly discuss topics that concern them.


Our goal is to provide an atmosphere that allows women to share their stories, empower each other and overcome fear and shame tied to their pasts, and aims to encourage women to live unashamed of their past, finding strength, encouragement and their authentic voice and true self.


These sessions are held in a safe, non-judgmental environment allowing for open discussion as you hear from remarkable women who have been through life changing experiences.

You scars have a beautiful story to tell. 

During our quarterly meetings, we will have candid conversations to discuss topics such as:

  • Career

  • Dating/Sex

  • Divorce

  • Emotional Wellbeing

  • Finances

  • Marriage

  • Mental Health

  • Personal Relationships

  • Religion

  • Single Parenting


There will be opportunities for Q&A and networking.

Quarterly Meetups
A Journey to Wholeness Ebook Cover.jpg
January 2023

Group will be discussing the book from the retreat,

A Journey to Wholeness

Lunch will be served.

Free/Registration Required

Yoga Pose
March 2023

My Temple: My Health


Head Massage
June 2023

Silencing the Noise:

Mental Wellness


Tell your story. Live your passion. Change your world.


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