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Founder | ChiefExecutive Director

Vicktory is a licensed minister, author, empowerment speaker, transformational life coach and certified marriage mentor. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Hawaii Pacific University, where she graduated with honors.

Through The Whole Me, Vicktory's goal is to empower and encourage others to love their "whole" self and to make healthy decisions concerning their lives and relationships. Her desire is to see every person reach their full potential, achieve their goals, to help identify, address and overcome obstacles that impact them from moving forward healthy, personally; professionally; financially; emotionally and spiritually.

Vicktory's motto is, "If you change your mindset, you can change your life!" Her purpose is to help women to turn their test into a testimony, complacent into their calling, pain into purpose and misery into ministry!

She is also a published author who equips women through her teachings and resources. Vicktory's  books include, She Fights, She Fights for Her Marriage, I Wear a Crown and A Journey to Wholeness.

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Assistant Executive Director

Ms. April Priest is a native of Prattville, Alabama where she currently resides. She graduated from Prattville High School and is a United States Veteran. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology. She is the proud mother of three beautiful daughters, Shakela, Aude’auna and Gre’syn and a proud grandmother of three adorable angels, Massiah, Aa’Dynn and Addisyn.

The most exciting and blessed thing about the accomplishments she has made in her life is that she overcame the obstacles and allowed God to come into her life and make her whole.

Her hobbies are cooking, serving and using her anointed hands to do and accomplish the work God has placed her here on earth to do.

In 2009, she established the Beauty 4 Ashes Foundation. The foundation was created to provide help and guidance, most importantly, the Word of God to young ladies who face struggle with rejection in early life as she did. Her belief is that making a positive difference in a young lady’s life is one of the special tasks she was placed on earth to do. Her desire is to have a substantial impact on steering young ladies towards healthy and successful life paths of healing, deliverance, and self-worth. She has dedicated her life to empowering and encouraging young girls to live a healthy life and self-worth. She says, staying with God no matter what the circumstance truly pays off, and you will receive Beauty 4 Ashes.

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Team Member

Zoe is a graduate of Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University with a bachelors degree in Piano Pedagogy and a minor in Psychology.

Her faith is strongly rooted in Christ's principles of what we are to offer, to be, and how to take full advantage of this life. Through her journey, those principles of loving without recompense, suffering and being kind, not judging etc. have all been challenged, tested, refined, tested again; yet, made stronger! It's a daily walk. Understanding that when asking for peace, for faith, for love, for patience; God doesn't just zap us with those warm fuzzy feelings, rather He creates those opportunities to be patient, to show love, to have faith, and to be the peace we desire. Through struggles of addiction, suicidal thoughts, hatred of self, and not knowing self worth/value, God truly has brought her a long way.

Today, she is a professional model pursuing all God has for her in the modeling industry, as well as teaching others from mistakes made, and lessons learned.

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