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Her Rest Retreat

is perfect for you

Here are just a few reasons why the

 ... rekindling the fire inside you and rediscovering your joy – boldly move forward towards your future with a sense of ease and excitement. yourself a break and honoring your body with rest.

... reconnecting with yourself and rediscovering what it is that excites and delights you.

... learning new tools and how to apply them to help you deal with life’s challengels

... creating a vision for your life & a path towards manifesting it.



SEPTEMBER 5-8, 2024!

If you’re ready to learn how to relax, avoid burnouts and unlock the happiness that exists inside you then go right ahead and click the register button below and join us for this phenomenal retreat that is guaranteed to provide you the rest you are looking for and need.


We'll be staying at the beautiful beach homes, Somewhere in the Sand 1 & 2 in Gulf Shores, Alabama, beachfront homes located in the desirable area of West Beach and features premium amenities such as an elevator, private pool, double kitchen, and so much more. You'll feel cozy, comfortable and at ease in this home away from home. 

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