The Whole Me: I Am H.E.R retreats are self-care retreats that offer space for you to “get away” from the demands of life and do some self-care. Enjoy quiet beautiful scenery in the Smokey Mountains with comfortable accommodations, a private chef, movie theater and indoor pool. At this retreat, you make your own schedule. With many different options to choose from, your time away can be whatever you need it to be during this season of life.

​Our mission is to continue in ministry outreach to women across the city, nation, and around the world. It is our desire to see all women saved, set free, healed, delivered and made whole again.


We understand life will bring blows that can cause you to become stagnant, especially when it is completely out of your control. Perhaps you are going through a change in life - a break up, divorce, or a betrayal. Perhaps you are dealing with grieving the loss of someone you love, a health issue, or a career change. Or maybe childhood pain such as sexual molestation, physical abuse, mental abuse or abandonment. No matter your reason for needing some time to heal and restore, attending the Heal From It Retreat will give you the time and support to focus on your needs. Learn new tools to take care of your heart, spirit, life and relationships can make a tremendous difference in how you thrive (rather than just barely survive) in your life.


HER Retreat intentions are to encourage women to heal from issues that will keep them from fully moving forward,  to release the hurts, heartbreaks, guilt and resentments that hold women down, to move through sadness and loss, and to fully rejoice in the unique gifts each of us bring to the world. It is time to invite balance and joy to become a regular part of your live! 

HER Retreat is a retreat that will leave you Refreshed, Renewed and Restored.  Walking away from this retreat, you will find you are better prepared to move forward in a positive way.

But most importantly, you will have gifted yourself with "you time", to connect with your true self. 

  • You'are tired of feeling the way you feel! You need to be free from all the pain and negativity!

  • You want to love, be loved and  enjoy life without hesitation.

  • You want to improve your relationships with your family/loved ones, work and others that are important to you.

  • You need to learn new strategies that will improve your confidence, motivation, energy and mindset.

  • You want to gain clarity about what you should be doing with your life so you will spend your time on what matters.

  • You want to better understand your life purpose and the contribution you were born to make.

  • You're looking for deeper friendships with authentic, positive, like-minded women.


It;s Time To Relax, Heal, Renew and Grow

This retreat is all about "you." From the ultimate in relaxation and stress relief, to therapeutic and targeted massages, our highly knowledgeable and trained massage therapist will soothe your muscles and ease your stress. Each attendee will have an opportunity to enjoy this service.

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Transform Your Body, Soul and Spirit

This retreat is all about "you." We are intentionally keeping the Heal From It Retreat weekend small to provide you a safe and intimate place to heal. Morning and afternoon workshops,  provide ample opportunity to release stress, heal heartbreaks, learn new tools, restore your creative spirit, while building authentic connections.

The Retreat is All-Inclusive


  • All activities. workshops, conference t-shirt and material

  • ALL MEALS INCLUDED, including beverage (***Please bring your personal snacks) 

  • And for your convenience, we have set up a 3-installment payment plan.  



Airfare, transportation to and from airport, personal shopping or meals/drinks outside of the retreat activities.

****Click register and each package to see details and price for the different rooms/package.        





  • Your donation will support women who are healing from past hurts and abuse with a tax-deductible sponsorship for this nonpartisan, nonprofit 501c3 organization.

  • Support personal, professional and spiritual development for a diverse group of women, from all journey and backgrounds.

  • By participating as a retreat sponsor, you are demonstrating your corporate support for diversity and inclusion initiatives to your community.

  • Exposure to our engaged community of women for the remainder of the year through retreat website, Facebook, Instagram and other social media channel.

2023 Sponsors

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Brandi Turner


Naomi Johnson

The I Am H.E.R 2019 Retreat was so freeing! If I could pick any word to describe that weekend, it would be that. The healing session the first night was where everything started to shift for me. I came in with unforgiveness towards a family member without realizing that it was covering up more unforgiveness in me that I was completely unaware of. Unforgiveness from my childhood. Since I was able to deal with and heal from that situation, other things I needed healing from came up. The best way I can describe it is removing something that was causing blockage in a place in my heart. Once the most evident, or obvious part was removed, then I could see everything else that had been hiding (lying dormant) on the inside. I’m still in this healing process and I’m not trying to rush it. A lot of insecurities and jealousy had been coming up and spewing out, negatively effecting the friendship/relationship with the man God has already showed me will be my husband. Throughout the retreat I was able to have a lot of time to myself, which isn’t common, for me to deal with me. I was able to love on myself more, put myself first and have some amazing quiet time with my Papa (Jesus) so that He could deal with my heart issues.

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Wow!!! What can I say about the "Healed" From “It” Retreat? During the retreat I discovered that I have not been living the life God has designed for me. I was hiding behind a mask of unworthiness and shame. On the outside I was walking around like everything was alright with a pretty smile on my face, but on the inside I was dying. I discovered my pain and shame were greater than I wanted to admit that it was. I had  burdened my pain and issues so deep inside of me that I didn't think anyone would notice. But guess what? Somebody did! I was able to cry out to the Lord and release a lot that I had been holding on to during the retreat. With the guidance of the ministers that were present, I realized that I am not alone in this fight, and in order to get relief I have to take my mask off and deal with my pain and my issues head on. Before attending the retreat, I had been walking around an entire year with a void in my heart where God used to be, but during this retreat I was able to get that jump-start that my life battery needed to reconnect me to God and realized that He never left me and had been walking with me every step of my journey. I am so glad that I attended this retreat! It is one of the best things that I could have ever done for myself. I cannot wait until next year!!! And I cannot wait to see what God has in store for all who attend!!!!